This is a page showcasing what the owner, Tyler Moore, has done. This page shall be his profile, listing what he's done with occupations (almost all volunteer) online.
Managerial Experience
Promo Manager at Paradize Radio (Nov. 2010-July 2012, September 2012-December 2012)
After being a member of the Promo Team at Paradize Radio since the station started, I was asked in November of 2010 if I was interested in taking over as the manager of the team. I accepted the position, and took over training new members, running the team, helping other managers, and continuing to try and get new listeners. In July of 2012, I decided to step down to focus on other things and to allow someone else to take over the team who could devote more time to it. It was at this time that I decided to leave the team as well. On September 15, 2012, the promo team was started back up again and I returned to my role as manager. In December 2012, the promo team was disbanded.
Founder, Editor-In-Chief at The Sporting Hour (Sept. 2011-March 2012)
In July of 2011, I decided to try and open my own sports site. One where I would get to have the final say on everything, help others learn how to write articles, and share my knowledge of sports with absolutely no boundaries on what I could write. It opened on September 5, 2011, and started off well. However, soon after, writers started to not write and were unable to be contacted. It came to the point where it was only me and 2 others posting. At that point I decided to close the site and so, in March of 2012, I shut it down. It officially went off the web in September of 2012.
MLB Editor and Writer at The Sports Chronicles (May 2012-June 2012)
In April of 2012, I was asked to bring my knowledge of sports to a new site, The Sports Chronicles, and to write for them when they opened in May. I accepted and brought an old column from The Sporting Hour there as well. Once I started, I was quickly asked to step up and be the MLB editor, which I agreed to. In June of 2012, I left due to ongoing problems between me and the owner.
Writing Positions
Mets Correspondent at iSportsWeb (April 2009-August 2009)
In April of 2009, I started my first writing gig when I joined the brand new iSportsWeb as the lone Mets writer. I enjoyed it, and enjoyed working there. In July, I wound up stepping away because I got busy with other things and in August we mutually decided to end my time there.
Lead Writer at Flushing Baseball Daily (April 2010-September 2010)
In April of 2010, I started doing sports writing again when I joined Flushing Baseball Daily, a Mets spinoff site of Bronx Baseball Daily, both run by Rob Abruzzese. I was one of only three writers, including Rob, but I took the lead and was putting out most of the articles. After September, I decided to leave because the workload was getting to be too much. It closed down soon after.
Writer at Mets Paradise (August 2010-August 2011)
Near the end of my time at Flushing Baseball Daily, the owner of another Mets site came to me and asked me to help write for his site. While there, I resurrected an old column from that site, Eyes Of A Teen, giving it my own spin. I also filled in with pregame coverage. I left after August of 2011 so I could focus on The Sporting Hour.
Lead Writer at The Jets Guide (Sept. 2010-October 2010)
In September of 2010, I decided to join a new Jets site, The Jets Guide, as the lead writer. However, in October, a month after opening, the owner decided to shut it down without warning.
Writer at Jets Paradise (October 2010-August 2011)
After The Jets Guide closed down in October of 2010, I decided to bring my talents to Jets Paradise, the Jets spinoff of Mets Paradise, both run by Scott Wallace. I left after August of 2011 to focus on The Sporting Hour. It later closed down.
Writer at Mets Merized Online (March 2012-November 2012, May 2014-Present)
At the beginning of March of 2012, I joined Mets Merized Online to add my Mets knowledge to the discussion. Once I joined Rant Sports, my opinion pieces had to decrease significantly, so I took over the weekly Player Of The Week post. This post later got sponsored by GameDay Goods. Soon after starting that, I started doing another weekly post, a National League East Report. I became a Senior Staff Writer with them in October of 2012 when I started doing a new feature, entitled Rounding The Bases. Shortly after I chose to leave. I returned in May of 2014.
Mets Writer at Rant Sports (March 2012-July 2012)
At the end of March of 2012, I brought my talent and knowledge to Rant Sports as it's main Mets writer. I provided my opinion on all things going on with the Mets. We decided to mutually split in July of 2012.
Newsdesk Writer at The Jet Press (October 2013-Present)
In October of 2013, I joined another Jets site, The Jet Press, part of the FanSided network, as a newsdesk writer. I help post news about the New York Jets during the day.
Culture Writer at The Chiefly (December 2013-Present)
In December of 2013, I joined The Chiefly to write reviews of films, as well as writing about Religion.
Radio And Shows
Promo Team Member at Paradize Radio (Sept. 2007-July 2012, September 2012-December 2012).
In September of 2007, I joined an online radio station, Paradize Radio. I started off on the Promo Team, with the original goal of becoming a DJ. I started on the team the day the station opened, and in its early days did work in helping DJs get their requests. Once request pages were set up, I went to leagues and game rooms to get new listeners. I became one of the most well known and respected promo members at the station, and earned a reputation as being one of the best there was at the station when it came to promo. Multiple times I was offered a position to become a DJ, which was my goal when I started at the station, but I turned them down so I could focus on promo. In November of 2010, I was offered the position of the team's manager, which I accepted. When I stepped down as manager in July of 2012, I also decided to leave the team. On September 15, 2012, the promo team was started back up and I rejoined, while also returning to manage it. At the end of 2012, the promo team was officially disbanded.
Founder of the Average Joe's Sportscast (October 2010-March 2011)
Co-host of the Average Joe's Sportscast (October 2010-December 2010)
In October of 2010, I decided I wanted to start up a New York Sports podcast/show and asked around to find out if anyone would be interested in co-hosting it with me. I came across two people, Adriel Portes and Sam Mines, who wanted to co-host it with me and so we became a trio. We did the show on Skype, and I recorded the episodes and uploaded them to this site for people to listen to the recording for. The show was meant to be a very interactive show and soon others were joining us on the Skype call during the show. I left the show in December of 2010 for personal reasons and the show officially ended in March of 2011.
Co-Creator and Co-Host of the Amazin' Podcast (Formerly known as the Mets Madness Podcast) (April 2012-March 2013)
In March of 2012, I came up with the idea of hosting a Mets podcast/show. I soon started asking around for co-hosts and chose Brandon Butler to be my co-host. It aired every week, although having a rough patch in July. We decided to shut it down for the season in August of 2012 so we can focus on our own things. It was officially cancelled in March 2013.
Co-Creator and Co-Host of Jets Flight Plan (September 2012-November 2012)
Seeing how well the Mets Madness Podcast went, I decided to go about starting a Jets show as well. I soon came across the perfect co-host, Eric Garment. We spent the whole month of August 2012 planning and debuted on September 5, 2012, exactly one year from the day that The Sporting Hour opened. It was cancelled in November of 2012 due to lack of interest.
Creator and Host of On The Flip Side (October 2012-March 2013)
In September of 2012, I created a new show, mainly focused on baseball and football, where instead of just analyzing everything, my co-host and I would just debate each other the entire show. The show joined the Sports Jam Network and made its debut on October 12, 2012. It was removed from the network on January 27, 2013, due to scheduling issues. It temporarily has joined accounts with the Bob Sullivan Show until a permanant place on a network can be found. It will air Fridays at 11pm, and is co-hosted by Kenny Haas. Unlike the other shows, I am listed as the sole creator and as the only executive producer, and this is the only one of the shows that my co-host only takes on a producer and co-host role, instead of co-creator, executive producer and co-host. It was cancellled in March 2013.
Co-Creator and Host of Jesus Cafe: Food For Thought (March 2013-Present)
In March of 2013, I decided to start a new show, one of a different topic. I spoke to the CEO of the GoH Radio Network and got it placed, then choose a great friend of mine, Cathy Kallberg, to host it with me. This is a Christian show, aimed to help share God's love, help people become closer to Christ, and learn about their faith, in a fun way, while we do the same. The show aired on the GoH Entertainment Channel of the Network until December 2013. Afterwards it was available only as a weekly podcast. It made its debut on April 9.
Graphic Designer at Paradize Radio (September 2009-Present)
In September of 2009, I was approached by Paradize Radio management to see if I could help fix something on the animated banners for their two year birthday bash. They came to me after seeing me do something with someone else's animated banner. I soon started designing animated banners, and became their designer for the banners for DJs. The one I am most proud of was the one I made for the Salute to the Troops show, which featured a lot of the flags of the world. In 2011, I started receiving less design work as someone else started doing it so I wasn't doing too much stuff. I soon became limited in who I would make a banner for, and wound up making my next-to-last banner for them in October of 2011. I made another graphic for them in September of 2012. I started doing graphics for them again in January of 2013.
Web Designer at Patty Kakes (June 2010-Present)
In June 2010, I was approached by the owner of Paradize Radio about possibly helping her with a website for her mom to showcase her mom's cakes. She came to me because she knew of my experience with web design and graphic design and really liked what I wound up doing. I currently still make updates when asked.
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